What is Google Adwords?

By Annetta Powell

Easily making your products or services available to the target niche of your choice is easier with Google Adwords. An advertised link appears to every page whenever a search engine user uses a keyword associated with your business. This means that your advertisement is targeted only to the audience with a great chance of purchase or introduction to your business, making your advertising costs worth it. You choose the keywords to use and tools are provided to help you determine which are the most effective for your business. This still gives you the leverage to control and manage your market and finances.

Easy-to-use Tools

Google Adwords has the Keyword Tool that helps you determine the most effective keywords to use. If you have a keyword or phrase in mind, input that into the “Word or Phrase” box, complete the security verification and click on search. You can view how many people uses that keyword and how many businesses already use it. Statistics of the the global, monthly and local search trends are also provided for a more accurate business marketing planning. It is advisable to use the keywords with less competition to increase chances of getting your website to the top of the search list.

After determining the effective keywords, the Traffic Estimator Tools will help businessmen to estimate the costs and the possible leads through that keyword. Based on the location and the currency used, the Traffic Estimator calculates the Global and Local Monthly Searches. Estimates of the Average CPC, Daily clicks and Daily Cost are also provided for a good marketing forecast.


Once the advertisements are clicked, that is the only time you have to pay. The cost per click (CPC) depends on where you want your advertisements to be targeted, and from what currency you choose to use. In the United States however, the minimum CPC is $0.01, while minimum cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is only at $.25. Now that is cheap and sure advertising. Payments can also be postponed or prepaid with your credit or debit card.

Device Platform Targeting

Going beyond customers’ laptops and desktop computers, you have the leverage to let you advertise both your images and text-only files to your audience. This can be viewed in either laptops, desktops, iPhones or other mobile devices and can be made available in both platforms depending on your choice. You may also choose to target audiences who are using certain mobile operators to provide a more concise planning for your advertisements. This increases your visibility not only on the web, but even on mobile devices.

Performance Tracking

Record the performance and the clicked rates of your website by generating reports from your Google Adwords account. You can also check on the relevance of the keywords to the content of your articles. This is done with the Google Adwords “Quality Score”. This will help you determine which keywords are effective, and which are not so you may change them with ones that will help you generate leads into your website.

Google Adwords is definitely one of the best ways to put your business ahead of your competitors. Increase leads and revenues without spending on advertisements that does not give results. For more information on Google Adwords go to http://www.annettapowellonline.com

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